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MMT® Oxy

MMT® Oxy from American Health Care is natural antioxidant complex used for all ages to improve skin elasticity & suppleness revealing beautiful and healthier skin. For young ages, it can be used to revitalize skin and prevent it from external damages, and as a daily moisturizer cream with toning effects.

MMT® Oxy special formula

Apple Phenons

  • protect skin against free radical damage
  • tighten skin to provide toning effect
  • have protective and regenerative effects for the skin

Avena Sativa

  • penetrates skin deeply to moisturize and smooth its texture


  • forms skin barrier to keep skin hydration

Aloe Vera

  • has excellent moisturizing capabilities

Vitamin C

  • helps rejuvenate skin tone
  • scavenges free radicals

How does MMT® Oxy work?

• Natural potent antioxidants help to protect the dermis, revitalize skin and repair it from other damages.

• Provides essential prevention from damage of pollution, sunlight and chemicals.

• Used daily as moisturizer cream with toning effects or Make-up foundation.

• Increase resistance to fragrances, preservatives and other chemicals.

• Powerful moisturizers restore and maintain skin for youthful appearance.

Why to use MMT® Oxy not any cream?


Toning effects


Improving suppleness

Improving elasticity

Natural ingredients & high safety